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Clony Stark
1 November
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[Amazing art by gasmask! Thank you so much! Clony loves you forever!]

Clony's tale is an unintentionally sad one. Originally intended as a workshop assistant/duplicate to sit in on boring board meetings for Tony, Clony emerged from the duplication process with only a fraction of his creator's intelligence.

Confined to Tony's basement for security reasons, Clony's early life was an easy, carefree existence- unaware of the outside world beyond information he could pick up from DVDs, games and Tony's drunken ramblings, his world was happiness, pizza, foosball and scalextric.

Some time before Clony completed Mass Effect 2, however, Tony failed to return.

Faithfully, Clony waited for his creator with rapidly dwindling food supplies and an increasingly fuzzy jaw...

Clony's very friendly and always looking to meet new people- so leave him a message, add him as a friend or contact him on his AIM (Clony Stark)!
He occasionally posts to dear_mun and sixwordstories which I'll be archiving in his memories for anyone who wants to follow his adventures!